WISE Oracle features





Why Use WISE?

WISE is the only comprehensive Oracle time-series tuning tool.  WISE allows you to quickly spot hidden performance bottlenecks and get right to the heart of any Oracle tuning problem.

WISE Enterprise Edition uses the free Oracle STATSPACK utility and you do not have to purchase the expensive Oracle Performance Pack to get time-series workload information.  Here are just a few reasons why WISE has become a popular supplement to Oracle Enterprise Manager:

Save Money

Oracle Database Diagnostic Pack is a $3,000  extra-cost option, and you must have a license to access the Oracle10g AWR and ADDM components.  This includes AWR (Automatic Workload Repository), the dbms_workload_repository package, the awrrpt.sql and awrrpti.sql reports, any of the dba_hist and v$active_session_history views, ADDM - Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor, and all dba_advisor views.

WISE enterprise edition has many of these features and uses the free STATSPACK utility.

Trend Visualization

Even the most experienced Oracle tuning expert needs to be able to visualize changes over time periods.  Proponents of time-series Oracle tuning understand that Oracle is constantly changing and you must tune the database based on repeating loads.  With a tool, you can quickly if the different snapshot value are statistically significant.

WISE is the first performance tuning tool for Oracle AWR and STATSPACK that allows you to easily build time-series trend charts for almost all statistics available in the Oracle.

Multivariate Signature Analysis

WISE allows you to compare average values by day-of-the-week and hour-of-the-day, quickly enabling you to find hidden performance bottlenecks and repeating changes to Oracle database load.  This is a critical WISE allows you to aggregate any of more than 100 performance metrics (from either Oracle10g AWR or STATSPACK) and visualize the signature.  Signatures are very common in Oracle databases because of the habits of the end-users.  To tune proactively you must track fluctuations by hour-of-the-day, day-of-the-week and day-of-the-month.  It's also useful to observe the interaction between metrics and WISE allows you to plot disparate metric signatures, side-by-side, for fast insights.

Sophisticated Charting Options

WISE allows for any form of data charting and provides you with a rich functionality of data charting presentation. You can quickly adjust the visual representation of your performance data according to your needs.

Load Profiles

WISE supports chart plotting for all main components of database load statistics. WISE supports the ability to plot charts for different components of database performance facilitating the task of finding the primary cause of the response time slow-downs.


Sophisticated Interface

WISE is designed by senior DBA's for senior DBA's. Just like Oracle, the WISE interface is very complex and it has every tuning area available including overall performance metrics, system wait events, instance activity and memory statistics, top sessions and SQL, plus detailed I/O metrics, aggregated by tablespace, segment and data file. One shortcoming of almost every Oracle tuning tool is that the tool does not mimic the problem-solving process of the DBA.

The interface must "make sense" and be organized hierarchically so the DBA can drill-down into successive levels of detail. The unique ability of WISE products is the ability to work with Oracle databases from workstations where NO Oracle client software is installed at all. This allows you to start using WISE quickly and effectively from anywhere.

The premium WISE functionality allows you to automate such day-to-day DBA tasks as scheduling AWR or STATSPACK reports for automatic plotting and saving them to the file system/central database repository, printing to the printer, or sending by e-mail. Furthermore, you are able to automate such tasks as copying STATSPACK data from your production databases to the central STATSPACK repository in the standalone database instance that is especially designated for performance analysis.

WISE allows you to be timely informed about any critical or outstanding events in your databases by sending e-mail notifications. WISE can also monitor your ALERT.LOG files for error messages or any other information you want.

Customizable Interface

Professional tuners need to keep their custom scripts and WISE is extendable.  WISE has a built-in SQL editor that highlights and formats all SQL, including your custom dictionary queries.

This functionality allows you to extend WISE reports by a number of your custom scripts.

Created by Professionals, for Professionals

WISE mimics the thought process of the DBA and has just what you need, where you need it. WISE has quick access to all categories of database performance reports. You are able to plot sophisticated charts by just a few mouse-clicks.


Fast response time component analysis

WISE allows you to quickly see all components of response time, either per-execution, per-transaction or per-call.   Furthermore, you are able to customize database overview screen by selecting ANY of hundredths of performance statistics to be displayed at a glance. This premium functionality allows you to quickly estimate database’s performance health and take corrective actions, if required.

Response Time Monitoring

WISE provides you with a quick database health picture. The overview screen contains charts for most important database performance metrics.


Custom Elapsed-time Analysis

With WISE you choose exactly the time-series range that is important to your tuning problem.  You can chose specific snapshot or any range of snapshots, allowing you to see elapsed time metrics at any level of granularity.

Also, it is possible to build baselines for performance statistics in order to estimate and compare performance behavior for different time periods. This allows you to clearly see what benefits/drawbacks brought your tuning efforts.


Fast Problem Identification

Real-time monitors can be too transient to be useful.  A complex Oracle performance issue might take hours to diagnose, and the problem is always gone before you can ascertain the root cause.  WISE allows you to quickly do a post-mortem on any performance problem, even if it is weeks after the incident.  For any snapshot period you can quickly locate SQL with the highest buffer gets, executions, CPU consumption and elapsed time, allowing you to quickly find the sub-optimal SQL. 


AWR Interface

WISE provides GUI interface for all the standard Oracle10g AWR DBA_HIST views. Furthermore, WISE supports a lot of advanced reports to generate intelligent reports for AWR data. Using WISE GUI, you are able to conveniently manage AWR data.


ADDM Interface

WISE improves on OEM by providing list of al ADDM tasks and a simple drill-down into the ADDM recommendations.  Furthermore, WISE provides you with a light-weight GUI to create and manage ADDM tasks.


ASH Interface

WISE is integrated wit the Oracle10g Automated Session History (ASH) repository and you can quickly drill-down to details of particular session operation providing details about wait events, SQL statements, segment and datafile information for any selected interval of time.


Built-in Intelligence

WISE is able to generate intelligent advices and hints by performing analysis of your STATSPACK text reports. The analysis is HTML formatted and includes advice and comments about all important database performance aspects.