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WISE is the only GUI tool that I use to tune transient issues because WISE spots hidden problems with ease.

Mike Ault
Oracle Tuning Expert

Unlike any other tool, WISE allows you to spot repeating performance problems and repair them before they cripple your database.

Enterprise Edition
Workload Interface Statistical Engine for Oracle
  • A complete proactive time-series tuning tool.
  • Includes intelligent WISE Analyzer tool
  • See all components of Oracle end-user response time.
  • More features than Oracle's OEM Performance Pack.
  • Spot hidden resource bottlenecks.
  • Predict problems before they cripple your database.
  • Supports all versions of Oracle.

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$349 per database


Total License Fee, US$  
Each Database $349
Unlimited Databases $3,900
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About WISE Enterprise Edition:

WISE is the premier product for Oracle time-series tuning.  With full version support, WISE provides an intelligent interfaces to all STATSPACK Oracle10g Automated Workload Repository (AWR) data.

WISE contains intelligent utilities with an easy-to-use graphical interface allow to Oracle professionals and Oracle tuning experts to see hidden trends and signatures.

The copyrighted technology within WISE gives you unprecedented insight into more than 100 Oracle performance statistics.   WISE is designed especially for large enterprise databases and provides a convenient framework for managing and analyzing performance data of complex enterprise Oracle database environments.


WISE Enterprise Edition Features

WISE supports all the current versions of Oracle STATSPACK utility starting with 8.1.7 up to Oracle10g release 10.1.0.

  • Supports the latest Oracle10g features as Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), Active Session History (ASH), and SQL Tuning Advisor.
  • Support for time-series wait-event tuning with ASH.
  • Contains the WISE Analyzer expert to produce hints and tips for STATSPACK data.
  • Contains advanced trend reports for AWR.


WISE is designed specifically for use by senior Oracle DBA tuning professionals and is not suitable for beginners. Never make any Oracle database changes unless you understand the potential ramifications and have thoroughly tested the change.

Key Features

Easy Graphics
Provides easy graphing and analysis for STATSPACK and AWR data.

Full Version Support
WISE works with any Oracle8i, Oracle9i or Oracle10g databases.

See hidden signatures of processing patterns for all Oracle metrics.

Displays time-series information on all important Oracle metrics and makes expert recommendations.

Find Bottlenecks
WISE intelligent graphics can quickly locate I/O, CPU and Network bottlenecks.

Expert Software
WISE has built-in advisor features to help you understand the root cause of any Oracle performance issue.

Self-Tuning Tips
By seeing regularly repeating changes in resource demand you can easily alter Oracle to accommodate the changes.





WISE Enterprise is the most advanced product in WISE products toolset. This unique product is intended for large enterprises providing a convenient framework to manage and analyze STATSPACK performance data of complex enterprise Oracle database environments.

Now, Oracle professionals and database administrators can wield a complete solution to get most from Oracle STATSPACK utility. All the dynamic visualization ability of WISE Enterprise is now available for Oracle professionals, tuning experts, and database administrators. WISE Enterprise is a complete solution for monitoring enterprise-level Oracle databases, providing:

Support of all current Oracle STATSPACK utility versions including 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0, and 10.1.0.
Provides proactive trend visualization.
Visualize hourly and daily changes.
Spot hidden trends.
Full support of performance statistics included in standard Oracle STATSPACK reports.
All reports, statistics and any other information are managed from a single WISE database repository.
Ability to store generated charts and STATSPACK reports analyses in a central database repository.
Automatic STATSPACK data copying between different databases.
Export/Import of STATSPACK data and reports using XML files or on-line.
Ability to build charts for custom created statistics and store them in the WISE database repository.
Support of alert generation and DBA notification by e-mail service.
An intuitive graphical user interfaces with fully customizable chart appearance.
Trend chart reports are available for any STATSPACK performance metric.
Ability to manage in GUI the Oracle STATSPACK data as taking the snapshots and cleaning the old data.
Support of multiple simultaneous instance connections.
Support of creation central repository that stores STATSPACK performance data for all enterprise databases.
Ability to schedule chart reports for automatic execution and printing.
Statistic baseline feature support.
Analysis of reports generated by STATSPACK utility which highlights problem (bottleneck) areas and provides intelligent hints and tips on performance tuning.
Average chart plotting functionality to generate trend charts by day hours, week days, and months.
Oracle10g Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) support.
Oracle10g Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) support.
Oracle10g Active Session History (ASH) support.
Oracle10g SQL Tuning Advisor support.
Real time chart reports for database metrics computed by Oracle10g database.
100 real-time performance chart reports.
Much more advanced features.

WISE Enterprise Is An Advanced Charting Tool for STATSPACK

Oracle database administrators (DBAs) and tuning experts can now build dynamic chart reports directly from Oracle STATSPACK repository eliminating any manual data manipulation and report creation:

Generates chart reports directly from STATSPACK repository.
Just one click is needed to build a graph for any performance metric.
Support writing advanced chart reports which are based on STATSPACK repository tables.
Ability to schedule any report for automatic execution and printing.
Ability to establish a central STATSPACK repository to store and analyze performance data at a single place.
Support scheduling chart reports for automatic generation and printing of chart reports.
Alert events and DBA notification support.

Who Uses WISE Enterprise?

This tool is intended for highly qualified Oracle tuning experts, senior-level database administrators, and teaching professionals. It is best suited for large enterprises with many Oracle databases, which are being monitored by STATSPACK. WISE Professional product is best suited for medium-sized database environments. Junior-level database administrators could benefit from a Standard version of WISE product. WISE takes the performance data stored in the Oracle STATSPACK repository and presents it as graphical charts or trend reports. Experienced DBAs know that measuring performance data over time can provide great insights into hourly, daily, and weekly "signatures". These signatures, in turn, tell an experienced DBA when specific database tasks are stressing the database.

WISE Enterprise allows you to get every morning the whole picture of your databases printed as charts reports or published on web site. You could manage all your databases STATSPACK environment from a single repository.

WISE Enterprise supports such latest Oracle10g features as Automatic Workload Repository and Oracle Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor. The Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) collects, processes, and maintains performance statistics for problem detection and self-tuning purposes. This data is both in memory and stored in the database. The gathered data can be displayed in both reports and charts. The statistics collected and processed by AWR include:

Object statistics that determine both access and usage statistics of database segments.
Time model statistics based on time usage for activities, displayed in the V$SYS_TIME_MODEL and V$SESS_TIME_MODEL views.
Some of the system and session statistics collected in the V$SYSSTAT and V$SESSTAT views.
SQL statements that are producing the highest load on the system, based on criteria such as elapsed time and CPU time.
Active Session History (ASH) statistics, representing the history of recent sessions activity.

WISE Enterprise provides you with a set of pre-defined reports for AWR and allows you to build charts for any statistic gathered by AWR the same way you do it for STATSPACK performance data.

The difference of AWR from STATSPACK is that AWR is more automated and gathers a more advanced set of system and database statistics. The data gathered by AWR is also used by ADDM to produce intelligent recommendation reports. WISE Enterprise allows you to work simultaneously in heterogonous environment, which includes both STATSPACK repositories of different versions from different databases and AWR databases.

The WISE Analyzer utility supplied with WISE Enterprise highlights problem areas in database performance and gives you intelligent hits and tips on tuning the database instance. WISE Analyzer is a tool that provides analysis of report files generated by Oracle STATSPACK utility. WISE Analyzer produces HTML report that contains performance tuning tips and hints which are based on performance data containing in STATSPACK text report. The resulting HTML report is split to several sections, which are focused on particular areas of Oracle database instance performance tuning. This report includes detailed descriptions of each STATSPACK report section and statistic as well as detailed hints and techniques, which suggest multiple approaches to optimally tune Oracle instance


Client Software

Operating System - Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.

NOTE: WISE Enterprise Service can run ONLY on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003 operating systems.

Oracle Client Software - 8.1.7 or later.

Oracle Database Software

Oracle STATSPACK Utility Release 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0,10.1.0, or 10.2.0 installed in the Oracle database. If you are running Oracle10g 10.1.0 or later, you can have only Automatic Workload Repository in your database. WISE Enterprise is able to work with only AWR repository without having to install STATSPACK utility.

Oracle Server Release 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0,10.1.0, or 10.2.0



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