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WISE is the only GUI tool that I use to tune transient issues because WISE spots hidden problems with ease.

Mike Ault - Tuning Expert

Unlike any other tool, WISE allows you to spot repeating performance problems and repair them before they cripple your database.

Need More?

WISE Enterprise has it ALL:

  • Support for all versions of Oracle
  • Expert advice and tips
  • ASH support for Wait Event Tuning

WISE Professional Edition
Workload Interface Statistical Engine for Oracle
  • Create automated alerts with e-mail notifications
  • Implement automatic web publishing of performance charts
  • Define custom drill-down performance reports
  • Create custom historical rending reports
  • Get real-time database monitoring
  • SQL tuning support for time-series data 
  • Predict problems before they cripple your database.
  • Supports all versions of Oracle.


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$199 per database


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Each Database $199
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About WISE Professional Edition:

WISE Pro provides an intelligent interfaces to all STATSPACK Oracle10g Automated Workload Repository (AWR) data.

WISE Pro contains intelligent utilities with an easy-to-use graphical interface allow to Oracle professionals and Oracle tuning experts to see hidden trends and signatures.

WISE Pro is designed especially for large enterprise databases and provides a convenient framework for managing and analyzing performance data of complex enterprise Oracle database environments.


WISE Oracle Professional Features

  • WISE Pro supports all the current versions of Oracle STATSPACK utility starting with 8.1.7 up to Oracle10g release 10.1.0.
  • Supports Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), Active Session History (ASH), and SQL Tuning Advisor.
  • Support for both STATSPACK and AWR data.
  • Support for Oracle Automated Session History (ASH).
  • Contains the WISE Analyzer expert to produce hints and tips for STATSPACK data.
  • Contains advanced trend reports for AWR.


WISE is designed specifically for use by senior Oracle DBA tuning professionals and is not suitable for beginners.  Never make any Oracle database changes unless you understand the potential ramifications and have thoroughly tested the change.

Key Features

Monitor Response Time
Quickly estimate what part of the total database response time is the most significant.

See Hidden Trends
Create custom trending reports using historical performance data

Automated exception alerts
Finds your historical baselines and allow you to create automatic exception reports

Automated alerts
Easily make e-mail notifications to the whole DBA group. Alerts on any database event including start-up and shutdown.

Publish Reports Online
Get performance data at your fingertips. Build automatic web charts for pre-defined statistics or your own custom statistics. Supports HTML and XML charting.

Customizable Reporting
Define stunning custom performance reports with sophisticated drill-down capabilities.

Multi-Instance Support
Easily compare performance trends of different databases on a single chart.

Tune your SQL
Get execution plans and correlate performance metrics for SQL, even if it executed weeks ago.


Easy Graphics

Provides easy graphing and analysis for STATSPACK and AWR data.

Full Version Support
WISE works with any Oracle8i, Oracle9i or Oracle10g databases.

See hidden signatures of processing patterns for all Oracle metrics.

Displays time-series information on all important Oracle metrics.

Expert Software
Produces expert tips and hints with STATSPACK and AWR data

Find Bottlenecks
WISE intelligent graphics can quickly locate I/O, CPU and Network bottlenecks.

Expert Software
WISE has built-in advisor features to help you understand the root cause of any Oracle performance issue.

Self-Tuning Tips
By seeing regularly repeating changes in resource demand you can easily alter Oracle to accommodate the changes.


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WISE Professional is a unique tool providing graphical interface to performance statistic data gathered for Oracle database by the STATSPACK and Oracle10g AWR utilities. With the ability to build charts for more than 100 performance statistics a lot of advanced useful features is supported. This utility is intended for highly experienced Oracle professionals and tuning experts and gives them a convenient and comprehensive environment to work with Oracle STATSPACK data. You can build charts both for pre-defined set of statistics and for your own custom statistics. You can group the statistic reports into categories as you want. This product also gives you an unique ability to fully view and customize all the SQL statements used to build chart reports as well as the ability to define any number of drilldown detailed reports for any statistic in the chart. In version 3.1 of WISE Pro was introduced a new software component - WISE Service (SVS). SVS runs as a service application on NT, Windows 2000 and XP machines and performs the following tasks:

Alert monitoring and sending e-mail notifications.

Automatic chart generation for STATSPACK, custom statistics and history based data stored in the Oracle database.

Gathering STATSPACK statistics by running STATSPACK.SNAP procedure as well as gathering custom statistics history and storing it in the database.

A single SVS service can perform alert monitoring for unlimited number of Oracle databases. For each monitored database, multiple e-mail addresses can be specified. When some alert condition in the given database is satisfied, SVS sends alert messages to all DBA e-mail addresses which are configured for this database. SVS can also send its startup/shutdown notification messages that inform Oracle DBAs of these events. Alert notification feature is supported for both STATSPACK and custom statistics. Alerts are based on Oracle STATSPACK snapshots. This means that only one alert for each particular snapshot will be generated, if the alert condition is true for this snapshot. The new unique feature of SVS is the possibility of automatic generation of charts for any database statistic including STATSPACK and custom statistics. This useful feature of SVS allows an Oracle DBA to build automatically charts for interesting database statistics and store them in the file system as graphic files. This ability may be very useful, for example, for day-to-day database monitoring, automatic publishing of charts on the administration web sites, etc. An Oracle DBA does not need now to manually build charts using WISE Pro. An Oracle DBA can setup different chart destination folders for each database to be monitored. Supported graphic formats are BMP, WMF, JPG, GIF, PCX and EMF. Also various options are available in order to customize chart appearance settings. Read here to learn how to setup a particular statistic for automatic chart generation.

   Furthermore, SVS supports gathering of STATSPACK database statistics by running STATSPACK.SNAP procedure. This ability allows an Oracle DBA to gather STATSPACK performance data for unlimited number of Oracle databases from single machine instead of running multiple Oracle jobs on each database. DBA can specify for each database its own schedule to gather STATSPACK data. In addition, SVS can gather history data for any database statistic and store this history in the database. Using WISE Professional utility or auto chart generation feature, an Oracle DBA can then build history based charts. For example, this feature may be useful, when a DBA wants to gather storage statistics for a set of tables and indexes for further trend analysis. Read here to learn how to setup a particular statistic for history gathering.

   An Oracle DBA can specify different schedule for each particular database to monitor alerts, gather statistics and build auto charts. Otherwise, the default schedule will be used for all the databases which don't have its own schedule.

Furthermore, a DBA can disable some or all services for a particular database. For example, for one database SVS will monitor only alerts and build charts, and for another database SVS will build only auto charts.
   Additionally, WISE Pro can now gather a history data for any database based statistic. This means that an Oracle DBA can now easily to view and analyze trends for any database statistic that is not included in the standard Oracle STATSPACK package. For example, this feature may be very useful for gathering and analyzing storage statistics of database tables and indexes in order to perform capacity planning activities.  

The  WISE Professional version 4.0 introduced real time monitoring feature which allows Oracle DBAs to monitor instance Oracle performance on real time basis. There are more than 100 pre-defined monitors provided. Oracle DBA can also easily create custom performance real time reports and quickly export & import them to another databases using XML format.

Product Key Features

Simultaneously supports ALL current Oracle STATSPACK utility versions including 8.0.*, 8.1.5, 8.1.6, 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0, and 10.1.0. You can simultaneously view performance data from different versions of Oracle STATSPACK utility.

Full support of performance statistics included in the standard Oracle STATSPACK report. This implies that for all statistics displayed in the STATSPACK standard report can be built as a trend chart.

Ability to build charts for custom defined statistics and store them in database.

Ability to build any number of detailed drilldown reports for any performance report.

Ability to compare multiple relevant statistics in one chart window.

An intuitive graphical user interfaces with fully customizable chart appearance.

Ability to manage in GUI the Oracle STATSPACK data as taking the snapshots, analyzing STATSPACK schema, and cleaning of old data.

Support of thin client. This option allows to WISE to work with Oracle directly through TCP/IP protocol and doesn't require Oracle client software. To run WISE it is only needed to have operation system and TCP/IP protocol support. To connect to Oracle server from thin client you need know the address of computer where Oracle server is, listening port number and database instance name.

Support of multiple simultaneous instances connections.

Ability to build charts for any queries written by user.

Ability to view and modify ALL the STATSPACK standard queries used to build chart reports.

Ability to store history data and build charts for historical data for any database based statistic. 

Ability to generate automatically charts using WISE Service. 

Support of alert definition for any statistic and automatic sending e-mail alert notifications to any number of mail recipients. 

Fully customizable quick database health overview report. 

Ability to quickly copy any reports and its properties between databases. This feature is very useful for Oracle DBAs managing multiple databases.

WISE Service supports Oracle ALERT LOG file monitoring for unlimited number of Oracle database instances.

General report and statistic descriptions are available.

Report SQL Editor code completion feature that facilitates and speeds up SQL code report writing.

"Setup STATSPACK Parameters" function that enables Oracle DBA to setup STATSPACK utility using a GUI interface and take a customized snapshot.

"SQL Execution Plan Usage" function for the "Top Resource SQL..." STATSPACK reports allows you to view changes in the execution plan for the selected SQL statement with the course of time. Note that this feature is only supported by WISE Professional for STATSPACK 9.2.0 or later.

"SQL Execution Plan" feature for the "Top Resource SQL..." STATSPACK reports enables you to generate visual execution plan tree for the selected SQL statement.

Ability to build trend charts for STATSPACK based reports. This feature allows Oracle DBAs to build statistic trend charts for multiple snapshot ranges. Furthermore, DBA can select days of week and hours of day to automatically build statistics trend charts for the specified time periods.

WISE Service allows to send an e-mail notification to DBA when connection to database being monitored becomes unavailable.

Ability to import any STATSPACK based statistic's chart into any another STATSPACK based chart. This useful feature allows you to compare any STATSPACK performance statisic to any other statistic on a single chart. Therefore, DBA can easily find some correlation dependence between displayed performance statistics. This "Chart Import" feature is available for STATSPACK based charts as well as for STATSPACK trend charts.

Ability to build all STATSPACK based report charts oi a single chart window. This allows you to minimize memory amount used by the WISE Pro. 

Possibility to copy STATSPACK performance data between databases (Supported STATSPACK versions are 8.1.7, 9.0.1, and 9.2 ). This allows Oracle DBA to establish a single centralized STATSPACK data repository for all databases and store all STATSPACK data in this repository providing more convenient way of storing and analyzing performance data.

Ability to build graphs on a single chart for performance statistics which belong to different databases loaded in a single STATSPACK repository. This feature facilitates comparing performance behavior of multiple different databases.

Report Schedule feature allows Oracle DBA to schedule any STATSPACK based report for automatic execution and printing. Note that The WISE Service should be started to ensure this feature properly works. 

STATSPACK statistic baseline support. This feature allows to Oracle DBAs to establish a baseline for a given STATSPACK performance statistic and in future compare current life of this statistic with its baseline.

Real time performance monitoring feature. WISE Professional provides more than 100 real time performance chart reports.

Ability to create and modify custom real time performance chart reports.

XML based export / import support in order to facilitate quick and easy  propagation of real time monitor reports between different databases.

Database Response Time STATSPACK based reports allow you to estimate what part of the total database response time is the most significant. Supported STATSPACK versions are 8.1.7, 9.0.1, and 9.2.0

WISE Professional now supports the ability to work with STATSPACK based chart reports which belong to different instance connections and databases in a single chart report window. This feature allows you to easily compare performance trends of different databases on a single chart.

Integration with WISE Analyzer to provide analysis of report files generated by STATSPACK and produces performance tuning tips and hints based on report data.

Ability to work with STATSPACK data as another user account which is different from STATSPACK owner account PERFSTAT. Note that this account must have all the SELECT privileges and SYNONYMS for STATSPACK views and tables (note that some views belong to SYS schema) as well as EXECUTE privilege for STATSPACK package.


Software Requirements

Client Software

 Operating System - Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.

NOTE: WISE Service can run ONLY on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 operating systems.

Oracle Client Software - 8.1.6 or later.

Oracle Database Software

Oracle STATSPACK Utility Release 8.0.* ,8.1.5, 8.1.6, 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0, 10.1.0, or 10.2.0 installed in the database.

Oracle Server Release 8.0.* ,8.1.5, 8.1.6, 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0, 10.1.0, or 10.2.0




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