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WISE is the only GUI tool that I use to tune transient issues because WISE spots hidden problems with ease.

Mike Ault
Oracle Tuning Expert

Internet access for intelligent Oracle monitoring
  • A complete HTML interface to Oracle performance data
  • Easily publish Oracle performance data on the web

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Each Database $69
Unlimited Databases $900


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About WISE Web:

WISE Web is allows Oracle DBAs to access their Oracle performance data from anywhere in the world.

WEB WISE web's interface helps an Oracle DBA to work with Oracle STATSPACK and AWR performance data more quickly and productively.

The Oracle DBA need to have only internet browser to access STATSPACK data and build WISE performance trend charts. No any Oracle client software is required on both client and server sides.

Furthermore, Web WISE does not require any third-party web server software. All web server functionality is already built-in into Web WISE. The setup process is very simple. You only install the Web WISE software on the machine which will act as the server, enter your activation codes and start the Web WISE service. That's it! You are ready to connect to Web WISE server! Please see below to find out the detailed information.



WISE is designed specifically for use by senior Oracle DBA tuning professionals and is not suitable for beginners.  Never make any Oracle database changes unless you understand the potential ramifications and have thoroughly tested the change.

Key Features
* Includes WISE Analyzer

* Supports all current Oracle versions

* See all performance important Oracle performance statistics

* Compare multiple statistics in one web chart

* Easily publish Oracle performance data on the web!

* Installs and runs in minutes

* Thin client support – The WISE Web server can communicate with Oracle directly through TCP/IP protocol without any Oracle client software.

* Allows multiple simultaneous Oracle instance connections

* Fully compatible with WISE Professional (what does this mean?)



Product Key Features

Simultaneously supports ALL current Oracle STATSPACK utility versions including 8.0.*, 8.1.5, 8.1.6, 8.1.7, 9.0.1 and 9.2.0 You can simultaneously view performance data from different versions of Oracle STATSPACK utility.

Full support of performance statistics included in the standard Oracle STATSPACK report. This implies that for all statistics displayed in the STATSPACK standard report can be built as a trend chart.

Ability to compare multiple relevant statistics in one chart.

An intuitive web user interface with a customizable chart appearance.

No additional web server software is required to run Web WISE.

Easy configuration process of Web WISE. You only need to start Web WISE service on your server, enter your activation codes, and you are ready to use the Web WISE!

Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla internet browsers support.

Ability to manage in the Oracle STATSPACK data as taking the snapshots and cleaning the old data.

Support of thin client. This option allows to WEB WISE server to work with Oracle directly through TCP/IP protocol and doesn't require Oracle client software. To run WEB WISE it is only necessary  to have operation system and TCP/IP protocol support. To connect to Oracle server from thin client you need know the address of computer where Oracle server is, listening port number and database instance name.

Support of multiple simultaneous instance connections.

Fully compatible with WISE Professional. That is, all reports visible in Web WISE are also available in WISE Professional.

Integration with the WISE Analyzer utility which provides analysis of report files generated by STATSPACK and produces performance tuning tips and hints based on report data.

Ability to work with STATSPACK data as another user account which is different from STATSPACK owner account PERFSTAT. Note that this account must have all the SELECT privileges and SYNONYMS for STATSPACK views and tables (note that some views belong to SYS schema) as well as EXECUTE privilege for STATSPACK package.

Much more...

Software Requirements

Web Client Software

Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, Netscape Navigator 6 or later, Mozilla 1.0 or later.

WEB WISE Server Required Software

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003

Oracle Database Software

Oracle Statspack Utility Release 8.1.6, 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0, 10.1.0 installed in database. Oracle Server Release 8.0.*, 8.1.5, 8.1.6, 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0, 10.1.0

 Installation Instructions

NOTE: Before installation of WEB WISE you have to install Oracle Statspack Utility.Refer to Oracle documentation to see how to do it. If you have a previous version of Web WISE installed, you have to deinstall it first. To install WEB WISE , simply run Setup.exe and follow instructions in the setup program. After the setup program finishes installation, you must install Web WISE service by running the command at the system command prompt:

<Web WISE Install Folder>\wspv.exe /install

Run Control Panel -> Services shortcut to see if Web WISE service is installed.

If you licensed the Web WISE software, please see below to find out how to register the product using your registration information.

Before you can start Web WISE service, you have to set up your trial activation keys. In order to enter your trial keys, please open file "wspv.ini" file which is located in the WEB WISE installation folder and set the parameters as follows:

SN=<serial number>
SNCode=<trial code>

where <serial number> and <trial code> are trial activation serial number and code
which you can obtain for evaluation purposes by e-mail. After entering your codes save changes to this file and connect to the WEB WISE again.

By default, Web WISE runs on port 4000. The listening port of WEB WISE can be changed later at any time using Options page of Web WISE (requires service restart). You can start Web WISE service by the command at the command prompt:

net start "Web WISE"

Or use Control Panel -> Services shortcut to start or stop the service.

Run your internet browser and connect to the Web WISE application using the URL:

http://<server address>:4000/ 

where <server address> is the ip address or name of the server where Web WISE is running.

When you connect to the database first time, you will be prompted to install the server-side database objects required by viewer. Then you can select Oracle STATSPACK utility version installed in your database. Note that you must select Oracle 8.0.* radio button if you want to run the viewer against your Oracle 8.0.* database. Although in fact you have to install
Oracle STATSPACK version 8.1.6 into your 8.0.* database.

Click Submit button to proceed with the server-side installation. This process creates all the necessary database objects and loads all the pre-defined reports into the database. After the installation process finishes, connect to your database again.

To deinstall Web WISE , please stop the service and run the following program at the system command prompt:

<Web WISE Install Folder>\wspv.exe /uninstall

This command removes the Web WISE service from the system.

Information For Registered Users:

To register your copy of WEB WISE, please perform the following steps:

1. Open "wspv.ini" file which is located in the WEB WISE installation folder.
2. Set the following parameters:

SpecialCode=<Serial Number>
RegisteredUserName=<Registered User Name>

<Serial Number> - your registered serial number
<Registered User Name> - your full registered user name

3. Save changes to the file.
4. Reconnect to WEB WISE.





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